Environmental Practices

As a world brand, we have always taken the burden of waste seriously.

The polyester filling in our padded jackets has always been spun from recycled plastic and we have always used recycled labelling, trims and materials wherever possible.

In various styles, we use renewable plant based materials such as environmentally friendly DuPont™ Sorona® filling or Repreve® fillings made from recycled plastic bottles. We incorporate TOPGREEN® recycled polyester fabrics across various of our softshell range, using this as a key directive for all new softshell styles going forward.

We insist and encourage all supply partners to pursue correct environmental practices, especially the recycling of waste materials and the re-circulation of waste heat generated during dyeing.

To minimise flexible packaging litter on the environment, we use recycled board in our cartons, recycled wooden pallets for shipping and wrap our pallets in BioZ oxo-biodegradable plastic: an opaque wrap whose treatment triggers degradation after 6 to 12 months and breaks down fully, reverting to just carbon and oxygen.

No trace is left to pollute the environment; it does not form micro-beads and can be collected and/or recycled with other plastics without causing any contamination.

printer-specific vests and SPIRO printer-specific shirts are packed in bulk to reduce packaging and we pack others individually using bags made from recycled plastic with the bagging of all production going forward converted to opaque compostable/biodegradable bags ensuring RESULT bags keep our garments pristine on their journey to customers but leave no environmental trace.

As an importer/exporter, we support a levy into the Packaging Waste Directive in order that the plastic and cardboard we place on the market in the UK and EU can be reused.

We are delighted to continue incorporating innovative, clean, product into our garments and packaging and look forward to expanding this further.