Understated and stylish, our RECYCLED collection combines simplicity of design with clean lines and contemporary recycled fabrics that are beautifully textured and wonderfully unique.

Recycled SAFE-GUARD welcomes early nightfall in styles to lift your safety and brighten dark nights, adding layers, texture and warmth to roadside visibility.

By working with speciality fabrics made from recycled plastic, this new exciting Genuine Recycled collection shows the commitment to produce sustainable, ethical garments whose yarn production gives off fewer emissions and consumes less energy and water than conventional yarns.

Every garment in the range is made from as close to 100% recycled materials as possible and every hat in the range is made from 50% recycled materials.

works with certified partners perPETual©, TOPGREEN®, REPREVE® and JIAREN® to create fibres made from recycled plastic, and allows to calculate, based on a single size L garment, the number of equivalent 1 litre bottles that would have been sent to landfill. The yarn spun from these fibres is sent to a certified mill to weave or knit fabric for the RESULT Genuine Recycled range. As with all ranges, all aspects of manufacture and practice have been checked to meet their high standards for a respectful, secure work environment with reasonable hours, good wage and work conditions.

ensures the supply chain is traceable to prove the origin of garments.

So watch us grow - Genuine Recycled has already stopped the equivalent of 8 million 1 litre bottles from landfill. We hope to double this figure every year. Our goal is to increase use of recycled materials in products and reduce/eliminate the harm caused in their production.